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Utilizing a plethora of colors, this baked on process will protect your project from the elements and rust for years to come. It is a more sustainable choice than paint and is much better for the environment.

sapc media blasts in-house to insure the best look and longevity of the coating for your project. we utilize a variety of media (dependent on required finish.)

ceramic coating application to protect your projects from high degree temps while for still looking good with a variety of colors. 

Purple Wheel
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Blue & Pink Wheel
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Wheel - Gloss Black
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Wheels - Black
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Wheel Collage
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Shocker Yellow
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Robins Egg Blue
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Turquoise & Grey
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As San Antonio Powder Coating continues to grow and expand right along with San Antonio and South Texas, the depth and the scope of our projects have grown as well.


SAPC has experienced an extraordinary year within our new, larger facility. This year we’ve added a new, substantially larger oven to our production line that has increased our project size capabilities, as well as accelerated our completion rates.


It is through our dedication and attention to detail that we have proudly earned consistent, 5-star ratings throughout the last five years.

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We have a passion for making things beautiful.

It comes from a long family history of metalwork and construction

that fueled hobbies such as boating, auto racing, motorcycles and aviation.

All these interests feed a common passion to create and improve the look and performance of your project and to provide the best finishes available

coupled with the best service throughout south Texas.

This is our family business,

we are involved in every aspect of your project from start to finish. 

Bistro Set - Red
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Table & Chair Frames - White
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Vintage Set - Mint & White
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Table and Chairs Set - Green
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Collage Furniture
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Chairs - Black
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Vintage Glider - Yellow and White
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Table and Chairs Set - White
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Vintage Loveseat - Blue and White
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