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About Us

San Antonio Powder Coating (SAPC) strives to live up to its name. We are a family-owned and operated business and we have grown over the past seven years to become the leading commercial and industrial metal finishing specialist in San Antonio. With a 9,000+ square-foot facility and one of the largest powder coating ovens in south Texas, we're uniquely positioned to tackle projects of all sizes. We are committed to embodying our city’s “big city with a small-town feel” as a small business with the capacity for industrial-sized projects. We look forward to growing along with San Antonio during our city’s exciting expansion.


SAPC started with a focus on the automotive, residential and commercial industries. We've since improved our technique and technologies and expanded our reach to include industrial, architectural, aerospace, robotics, hospitality/entertainment, medical, marine, athletic and agricultural industries, as well as artists, sculptors and makers. 

We’ve worked with multiple city municipalities on a variety of projects that are beautifying our streets and parks for years to come. With the 2023 installation of our new 42’ long oven, we're ready to forge new partnerships with other cities, businesses and individuals to help you protect your metal investments for years to come, and to continue to beautify San Antonio and South Texas.

Our commitment to San Antonio extends far beyond our metal finishing services. We’re passionate about supporting local initiatives that provide crucial services to those in need year-round. We are also working closely with local schools and clubs/organizations to educate and expand the skills of the next generation. For more information about our work in the community, visit our Community page.

Thank you for considering San Antonio Powder Coating for your metal finishing needs. If you have any questions, or are ready to work with us, reach out to us today.

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