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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most cost-effective, longest lasting and most eco-friendly alternative to any other metal coating products. Investing in powder coating protects new metal from potential rust and corrosion and will stop the further decay of older, more delicate metal.

Powder coating is, by far, the most eco-friendly option for new, used and vintage metal. Unlike toxic paint, powder coating does not emit dangerous fumes into the atmosphere/ozone and does not harm our delicate aquifer water system and ground cover. Reusing and repurposing used and vintage metal allows you to continue to utilize quality metal pieces while keeping our landfills free from unnecessary waste.

Choosing to powder coat metal instead of painting reaps many rewards beyond its eco-friendly qualities. Powder coating is by far the most cost-effective metal coating finish. The longevity of this finish and the preservation it provides your metal makes recoating unnecessary for years even decades. Metal that is powder coated also holds its color and luster in a way that far exceeds a painted finish. With virtually no fading or corrosion, the need for consistent and costly upkeep and refreshing makes powder coating by far the most cost-effective finish for any metal project.

San Antonio Powder Coating also offers complimentary color consultation and color-matching services. Click below to view our endless color and texture selections







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