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Powder coating is the

Metal finishing solution


With seven years of quality-driven hard work and a non-stop commitment to excellence, San Antonio Powder Coating is quickly becoming the premiere source for metal finishing solutions throughout South Texas. Our spacious 9,000+ square foot facility boasts multiple ovens in a variety of sizes, so we can handle a wide range of projects up to 42’ long with even bigger expansion plans in the works.
We have a team of skilled technicians who bring both passion and attention-to-detail to every job. Our team is laser-focused on you and your project(s). That's how we built our reputation for quality workmanship, and it is why San Antonio Powder Coating is the superior choice for your metal finishing needs.

SAPC is one of the few powder coating companies in Texas that will handle vi
ntage metal furniture and other projects. Precious and fragile metal pieces are brought back to life and protected for many more years of enjoyment. We are proud to be one of only two Texas companies endorsed by Metal Lawn Chair Restorers, Artists, and Aficionados United and Vintage Metal Chairs History.

SAPC welcomes your questions via calls, emails and text messages regarding your metal projects. Explore our site for additional details about all our services, to see beautiful examples of our work and explore our limitless range of eye-catching color options.

Powder Coating

Protect and prevent new, used and older metal from rust and corrosion all the while sustaining the beauty of your color selection. Powder coating is the longest lasting, most eco-friendly metal finishing technique. Investing in this baked-on finish is a superior alternative to paint, with an expansive collection of color and texture choices.

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Ceramic Coating - Blue Flame.jpg
High-Temp Coating

Ceramic coating is a polymer-based, VOC-compliant finish, and is used for thermal stability, chemical and corrosion resistance, and flexibility with a variety of color selections.

Media Blasting

Prepping metal before coating ensures that both powder and ceramic coatings properly adhere to the metal and guarantees the most professional, longest lasting finished appearance.

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